SmartLAP Technology

May 01, 2015

Gleason Corp. announcesSmartLAP, a technology for lapping bevel gear sets, reportedly with unprecedented productivity, control and data collection.

This patent-pending technology redefines the limits of the gear lapping process, offering better quality and higher productivity than was previously possible, according to the company. Available on the Gleason 600HTL Turbo Lapper Hypoid Lapping Machine (both new and as a field retrofit), the SmartLAP system combines a unique, yet simple gear spindle design with real-time motion-error measurement. It brings dynamic lapping forces under active servo control. The instantaneous tooth-to-tooth forces are no longer just a function of incoming part quality and passive physics but are instead actively modified by this smart mechatronic system to consistently improve DIN/AGMA part quality.

These enhanced dynamics also enable higher productivity without compromising quality. Pinion speeds and gear torques can now be increased by 30 percent or more without introducing the spacing errors that previously prevented faster cycles. The system also compensates for workholding runout errors, making production less sensitive to tooling conditions. In addition, the tester-like data that is collected is displayed during the lapping process, giving users real-time insight into the process. The technology is aimed at high-volume automotive-size gear set production.

Related Glossary Terms

  • lapping


    Finishing operation in which a loose, fine-grain abrasive in a liquid medium abrades material. Extremely accurate process that corrects minor shape imperfections, refines surface finishes and produces a close fit between mating surfaces.