SIMATIC WinCC Unified V18

May 26, 2023
WinCC Unified System Software for Supporting Panels and Runtime Systems

SIMATIC WinCC Unified V18 is the new visualization system in the TIA Portal — from visualization up to vertical integration. Continued feature and functional improvements have been made to the WinCC Unified System software for supporting panels and runtime systems.  Siemens open-source runtime platform eliminates difficult proprietary engineering obstacles and faster commissioning is possible because of pre-installed applications.  This includes the ability to transfer runtime applications via various methods — such as using PC-based software, USB thumb drives, SD cards and the network. Having options makes it easier to update and service HMIs around the plant or the planet.

Brand new to the SIMATIC HMI product portfolio is the option to expand device functionality with apps. Previously, HMI panels were used exclusively for visualization software. Thanks to the integration of Siemens Industrial Edge, users can now run other programs simultaneously alongside this standard device functionality. Project-specific requirements can thus be implemented quickly and easily. 

The flexibility and customizability of Unified comfort panels and WinCC V18 allow operators to fully visualize the significantly growing amounts of data analytics required by new technologies (e.g., IoT, AI, virtual reality, autonomous operations). Overall, the Unified Panels result in lower training costs and faster onboarding because of WinCC’s intuitive modern interface that makes use of smartphone industry-standard multi-touch and gesture controls.  

The Hygienic line of Unified Comfort panels is characterized by a splinter protection foil. The device design was developed to be FDA-compliant while considering the EHEDG guidelines.  Compliance was tested and confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute.