RSHP Roller Rail Systems

January 01, 2015

Precise machining with high-quality surface finishing: Rexroth helps machine tool operators meet today's exacting requirements with its new generation of RSHP Roller Rail Systems. The patented, re-designed entry zone in the runner blocks dramatically reduces pulsation in the transition to maximum load, thus allowing even higher precision in production. In addition, the new blocks employ a new lubrication and sealing concept, extending lubrication intervals by 20 percent and reducing the number of runner block types by two thirds. Like all Rexroth profiled rail systems, the RSHP is fully interchangeable, meaning that users can freely combine any type of runner block with any profiled rail of the same size.

In the field of machine tools, the demands for precision in machining have increased continuously for years. Thanks to Rexroth's new Roller Rail System High Precision (RSHP), machine manufacturers can now achieve the requiredµm-level accuracies with greater reliability than ever. The newly enhanced steel-insert entry zone loads the cylindrical rollers according to the harmonic bending line. As a result, the runner block reaches the maximum load at the transition to the load zone very smoothly. The benefit: significantly reduced pulsation, which subsequently ensures low-vibration machining and improves the quality and surface quality of every workpiece.

In addition, the new RSHP system also marks the introduction of a completely new universal lubrication concept, which extends lubrication intervals by approximately 20 percent while minimizing lubricant quantities. Resistance-optimized lubrication channels distribute the lubricant in precise doses. If overloading occurs, bypass channels transfer the lubricant, thus protecting the mechanical system.

Thanks to the universal lubrication system, machine builders can use one runner block type for every application. This reduces the number of block types by two thirds, allowing for significant inventory optimization. As with all Rexroth profiled rail systems, Roller Rail System users can freely combine rails and runner blocks of the same size. The new Roller Rail Runner Blocks RSHP are 100 percent interchangeable with any existing roller rail application from Rexroth.

To protect the bearings in cutting production against contamination, the modular sealing concept comprises a double-lip seal at each end. In the case of extreme external contamination, an optional seal made of fluororubber protects the bearings, and for coarse chips, a scraper plate can be provided. A longitudinal seal in the interior of the runner block reduces lubricant discharge, and a threaded metal plate at the front of the runner block RSHP provides protection against coarse dirt and chips. The lube fittings are now fitted in metal and have a reduced risk of detaching during system lubrication.

For highly precise positioning, the new runner blocks RSHP can also be equipped with Rexroth's newly upgraded integrated measuring system IMS-I. This inductive measuring system achieves accuracies comparable to those of high-precision glass scales, but does not require additional installation space. The IMS-I operates contact- and wearfree, thus increasing long-term service life and machine uptime. In addition to machine tools, Roller Rail Systems are also ideal for use in plastics machinery and presses, as well as in other heavy-duty applications.