R/IR ZoneControl Sensors

February 01, 2014

SICK has announced R/IR sensors for zero pressure accumulation applications. The unique design of these sensors enables them to be mounted between the rollers on conveyors where mounting space is limited, making the sensors less susceptible to damage.

The IP 67-rated R/IR sensors provide both mounting and system flexibility to help control product flow, prevent jams and improve operational efficiency. Using M12 mounting connectors, users have the ability to daisy chain 50 zones in a series, reducing reflector hardware and installation costs. The two variants, R and IR, include outputs for both electric and pneumatic driven rollers.

The R sensors, which are available as standard sensors, feature an adjustable 900mm proximity sensing range on a 5 percent black target, eliminating the need for a reflector. The IR sensors, which have integrated logic, don't require a PLC or PC, eliminating I/O and commissioning time. These sensors are ideal for any application where product damage or derailment may occur on an accumulation conveyor.