March 16, 2023
PSENopt II Infinitely Adjustable Muting Arms for Safety Light Curtains Provides Highly Flexible Muting

Pilz now offers new types of muting arms, PSENopt II, for their safety light curtains The first time that the muting function is completely flexible. The sensors of the muting arms can now be positioned completely freely and therefore individually via infinite adjustment for L, T and X-muting. This flexibility ensures uninterrupted production processes and guarantees high productivity. Muting arms from Pilz are assembled directly on the safety light curtains PSENopt II or on the light curtain’s post protector.

Infinite adjustment for different protected fields attachment is via T-nuts, that can now be affixed horizontally along the entire groove of the safety light curtain or on the post protector. As a result, the respective height can now be selected individually. The positions of the muting sensors can be defined in accordance with the standard IEC 62046. Numerous configurations can be created safely and with maximum flexibility and protected fields can be configured. That way, requirements can be implemented to suit specific applications. A complete set of accessories is available with muting sensors and reflectors. Adjustments can be made flexibly at any time, even retrospectively.

Safety light curtains in the PSENopt II product range offer finger, hand or body protection for applications up to PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849 and are available in lengths of 150 mm to 1800 mm. Just like the safety light curtains, the muting arms are extremely resilient to shock, collision and vibration thanks to their robust design. That makes them ideal for use in rugged industrial environments. They have a shock resistance of 10 g, which means they can withstand accelerations up to 10 g and therefore the shock stress complies with the standard EN 60068-2- 27.

Particularly when feeding material in and out or when handling materials during human-robot collaboration (HRC), the muting solution package, which comprises safety light curtains.

PSENopt II, the appropriate muting arms and the safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 from Pilz, enables efficient production, with no unnecessary downtimes. The software tool for the small controller PNOZmulti configurator contains relevant function blocks for muting applications with the safety light curtains PSENopt II. Applications such as the monitoring of conveyor belts and pallets, or controlling the outflow of packages, can be implemented in a way that is more application-specific and more productive.