Precious Metal Clad Wire

January 30, 2019
Precious Metal Clad Wire

Custom composite clad metal wire that can combine the properties of several materials where solid wire is limited or too expensive is available from Anomet Products.  In addition to serving OEMs, the firm is seeking wire suppliers who want to expand their product offerings.

Anomet Precious Metal Clad Wire can combine up to three materials to meet specific design requirements and cost criteria where solid wire is limited. Featuring a gold, silver, palladium or platinum exterior layer, the core and second layer can include copper, stainless steel, Kovar, niobium, Nitinol, nickel-iron, molybdenum, tantalum and titanium.

Suitable for numerous medical and industrial applications, Anomet Precious Metal Clad Wire can meet design criteria for corrosion resistance, wear resistance, contact resistance, biocompatibility, radiopacity, strength, conductivity, solderability and formability. Clad wire can be made in sizes from 0.002” to 0.125” OD with 2 percent or more cladding thickness.

Related Glossary Terms

  • corrosion resistance

    corrosion resistance

    Ability of an alloy or material to withstand rust and corrosion. These are properties fostered by nickel and chromium in alloys such as stainless steel.

  • outer diameter ( OD)

    outer diameter ( OD)

    Dimension that defines the exterior diameter of a cylindrical or round part. See ID, inner diameter.

  • wear resistance

    wear resistance

    Ability of the tool to withstand stresses that cause it to wear during cutting; an attribute linked to alloy composition, base material, thermal conditions, type of tooling and operation and other variables.