»powerShrink« Inductive Heat Shrinking Device

January 02,2019
»powerShrink« Inductive Heat Shrinking Device

ZOLLER »powerShrink« is the inductive heat shrinking device for HSS and hard metal tools, with which you can considerably reduce the fitting times in your manufacturing: In max. 10 seconds your tools are heat shrunk, cooled after just 40 further seconds and are ready for production. The precise time to heat and cool depends on tool diameter.

The ZOLLER »powerShrink« is easy to use, thanks to a turntable which allows quick and easy exchanging of different holders, and a quick heat shrinking and cooling process. The modular design allows for individual adjustments to match your specific needs, and you benefit from the high degree of rotation accuracy, long service life and reduced tool expenses.

Related Glossary Terms

  • high-speed steels ( HSS)

    high-speed steels ( HSS)

    Available in two major types: tungsten high-speed steels (designated by letter T having tungsten as the principal alloying element) and molybdenum high-speed steels (designated by letter M having molybdenum as the principal alloying element). The type T high-speed steels containing cobalt have higher wear resistance and greater red (hot) hardness, withstanding cutting temperature up to 1,100º F (590º C). The type T steels are used to fabricate metalcutting tools (milling cutters, drills, reamers and taps), woodworking tools, various types of punches and dies, ball and roller bearings. The type M steels are used for cutting tools and various types of dies.

  • modular design ( modular construction)

    modular design ( modular construction)

    Manufacturing of a product in subassemblies that permits fast and simple replacement of defective assemblies and tailoring of the product for different purposes. See interchangeable parts.

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