May 04, 2022
PlantMonitor Can Monitor Multiple Production Sites

HEIDENHAIN’s new PlantMonitor is a digital solution to aid the manufacturing shop floor. Now available for companies interested in simultaneously monitoring and analyzing production data at multiple sites utilizing machine tools where at least one is equipped with a HEIDENHAIN TNC control/StateMonitor software combination per site, this new PlantMonitor can aggregate the data onto one screen for review. Machine tools using even non-HEIDENHAIN controls can be included and monitored.

By connecting multiple StateMonitors within the new PlantMonitor software umbrella, a company’s entire production environment will become transparent to users, enabling them to react appropriately to problems and changes.  This also contributes to enabling users to achieve long-term process optimization.

  On a single PlantMonitor screen, network data is displayed by groups via a customizable dashboard.  The monitoring function displays machine data in real time. The machine status bar, utilization rate, and availability for every machine connected to PlantMonitor can be shown in a clear format on the single page and, if needed, as a tile added to the dashboard.  Other highlights of the new PlantMonitor system include the new Production and MTBF (Mean Time between failures) calculations, as well as the ability to set reference values for productivity.

Plant Monitor is a progression to the next level of monitoring, viewing machine data and analyzing pertinent data that is of interest to companies both large and small.

Currently PlantMonitor is available as a rental license with a minimum duration of six months.