PC-DMIS 2018 R1 Measurement Software

February 20, 2018
PC-DMIS 2018 R1 Measurement Software

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence today launched PC-DMIS 2018 R1, the latest edition of its measurement software. This is the first of two major releases scheduled for PC-DMIS in 2018, with continued service pack updates to ensure maximum reliability of the platform.

PC-DMIS 2018 R1 allows users to easily convert AutoFeatures to points or quickly use the measured hits for new Constructions and Dimensions, available for Plane, Circle, and Cylinder AutoFeatures. By converting each hit to a vector point, Optimize Path can be used to enhance the order of point measurement, reducing the number of probe tip changes and overall measurement time. New support for Q-DAS Traces enables easier analysis of PC-DMIS data. The new QuickSet control allows users to use both QuickFeature and GD&T Selection and still have the ability to modify measurement strategies.

“With PC-DMIS 2018 R1, we fulfill our commitment to add the most highly-requested items from the user ‘Idea Center’,” states Ken Woodbine, product line manager for metrology software at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “These include the graphical point manipulation feature, and the ‘push to points’ AutoFeature functionality. We also introduce seamless integration with the industry-standard Q-DAS software so key process parameters affecting quality can be easily identified and tracked. Additionally, we focus on optimizing key elements of the measurement routine creation workflow, including front and center visual access to key measurement strategy parameters with our new QuickSet widget technology.”

Enhanced speed of QuickFeature measurement enables users to create multiple circles and cylinders with just one click, optimized for bolt hole patterns or whenever surfaces contain multiple features of the same size and shape. The latest edition also introduces improved Flush and Gap AutoFeature workflow for point cloud inspection. This improved workflow makes it even faster to extract multiple Flush and Gap AutoFeatures from an existing cloud of points object, most helpful when inspecting sheet metal seams. INSPECT has also been improved to include CAD and LIVE views from PC-DMIS and the ability to create Playlists including one or more routines to be executed a specified number of times.

Other notable improvements within PC-DMIS include a new CAD rotation widget for resizable one-click CAD rotation, Added (M) for Coaxiality/Concentricity, Leica Absolute Scanner LAS laser scanner support, improved 4K monitor support, improved QuickFeature laser support, Datakit 2017.3 implementation, user interface refresh, and improved tracker user experience. PC-DMIS 2018 R1 is available to download immediately.

Related Glossary Terms

  • computer-aided design ( CAD)

    computer-aided design ( CAD)

    Product-design functions performed with the help of computers and special software.

  • metrology


    Science of measurement; the principles on which precision machining, quality control and inspection are based. See precision machining, measurement.