OEM Line of Lasers

September 07, 2017
OEM Line of Lasers

BEA Lasers has announced the availability of its OEM line of lasers for demanding applications, ideal for use in Medical and other OEM applications. BEA lasers are designed for use in levelling, alignment and positioning.

BEA lasers are provided with packaging to suit customer requirements, including housings, mounting devices/hardware, with leads and optional power supplies. Output options include laser color, output power and working voltage.

Medical laser applications include X-ray, MRI, Cat Scan and other OEM equipment and devices requiring exact patient positioning. Other OEM applications for alignment or levelling include construction tools and equipment; wind turbines; aircraft fuselage and wings; automobile seats, door panels and tires; robotics; machine tools; garment alignment and many other industrial applications, including applications for the food industry.

While BEA offers standard laser products in their catalog, most of our customers need a custom designed module, or modifications to our standard lasers.  Quotes can be provided with the following information provided by a customer:

  1. Wavelength option: 635, 650nm (Red), 520, 532nm (Green), 405. 445nm (Blue) 850nm (IR)
  2. Optical output power: Up to 300mW
  3. Working voltage: 3, 5, 6, 12, 24VDV
  4. Dot, Line, Cross Hair
  5. Working distance
  6. Beam size at working distance
  7. Housing size requirements
  8. Continuous wave, modulation, variable output
  9. Quantity and price