Niigata ATC Tool IQ

May 01, 2015

The NIIGATA ATC Tool IQ function efficiently stages tools during machining, ready for the next tool call-up. With the TOOL IQ function, T-Codes are strategically placed into part programs. Specialized Tool IQ software then searches ahead while simultaneously advancing the tools. The next tool is automatically transferred into position.

By reducing hold ups and bottlenecks in the machining process, faster cycle times are achieved.Whether your machines run long or short cycle times, you benefit by reducing the time between tool changes. Seconds, even minutes, are shaved off the tool prep time and tool change wait times can be reduced by as much as 20 percent.

Faster cycle times mean more finished parts and greater profitability for your company. NIIGATA'S Tool IQ Feature comes with an easy-to-understand "Simple Recovery" procedure in the event of a power failure or catastrophic event. It provides easy to follow instructions on how to quickly get your machine back in action.

The ATC Tool IQ is standard on NIIGATA SPN models equipped with FANUC 30i controls or later.