July 13, 2013

NCCS, the developer of multi-axis machining software, used extensively in the aerospace, automotive and turbo-machinery industries, has announced a new add-on module to NCL multi-axis machining software, a tool used to convert data, including 3D curves and surfaces, into and out of the NCL family of products.

Features and Benefits include:

NCL/STEP has been designed to quickly help users bridge the programming process of merging STEP Data files seamlessly within the NCL multi-axis machining software environment.

This tool is currently available to all users using NCL version 10.0 developed by NCCS.

The user will be able to quickly and seamlessly bring in STEP files within the NCL programming software, which in turn boosts productivity.

Finally, NCL/STEP is yet another proactive solution NCCS has added to its repertoire.