NCL 2018 Multiaxis Machining Software

September 10, 2018
NCL 2018 Multiaxis Machining Software

NCCS announces the release of NCL 2018 multiaxis machining software. The new version adds programming shortcuts and productivity features such as enhanced forms and videos that demonstrate each Form’s function. These features help speed up programming. They give even the most novice programmer the ability to program with confidence and relative ease.

NCL 2018 offers a unique blend of automated and user-controlled tool path generation techniques that save programming time and increases quality. NCL’s combination of power, flexibility and tool control give users a distinct advantage over the competition by allowing users to quickly produce any part, reduce machine time, improve quality, and increase profits. 

Other features include motion interface enhancements controlled by easy to use menu driven commands. All NCL motion, geometry, and program control commands retain the power and flexibility that is inherit to the NCL language-based system. All commands that are now output using a menu driven interface can still be used within loops, macros, etc. just as in previous versions of NCL.

NCL 2018 includes many new form options. For example, our Waterline Roughing routine: (An automatic routine used for high-volume material removal of roughing a part in multiple levels.)