May 05, 2021
Flexible Automation System

 ITI Complete Machining Solutions, a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator, has designed, developed, and produced a flexible automation system with the end user in mind. 

ITI’s “MITI MAXX” is a robust, yet mobile automation system that utilizes the durable Fanuc CRX-10iA collaborative robot that meets RIA safety standards and doesn’t require fencing. MITI MAXX’s simple interface allows it to be integrated to almost any machine controller. Even if you have hi-mix, low-volume applications, the MITI MAXX is affordable, plug and play self-automation that will maximize your resources and reduce costs.

MITI MAXX is loaded with possibilities! Standard options include a heavy-duty base and tabletop with grid pattern and threaded holes. There are several options available to help you customize your MITI MAXX for your specific needs: including in and outfeed options, as well as a variety of on and offsite training packages.


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