Micro-Video Zoom Objective

February 01, 2015

Titan Tool Supply Inc. announces expanded options and accessories on its Micro-Video Zoom Objective. This microscopy system has numerous industrial applications including industrial robots, machine vision, quality control, electronics fabrication of printed circuit boards, computer-related production, and three-coordinate measuring machines.

According to Titan, its Micro-Video Zoom Objective has been computer-designed to provide excellent resolution and a constant focus over its entire zoom range. Its versatility of application is achieved through a choice of 6 different sub lenses with magnifications of .35X, .5X, .75X, 1X, 1.5X and 2X, which provide a broad range of magnification, fields of view and working distances.

• A broad range of options and accessories complement the Micro-Video Zoom Objective, including:

• Video Adapters which expand the range of magnifications from a low of .17X to a high of 18X.

• Right Angle Optical Beam Bender for occasions where it is necessary to bend the optical path and shorten the overall length between the camera and work piece.

• 0.5X Converter provides an even larger field of view. 2X "C" Mount Adapter that gives up to 748X enlargement.

• Polarizing Filter eliminates glare back into the optical system, which causes hot spots on the video monitor.

• Universal Pillar Stand and a Rack and Pinion Mounting Bracket for meeting fine adjustment requirements.

• Sub-Stage Bases to provide a basic 2" x 2" movement or a 2" Y Axis and 6" X axis movement

• Variety of Illumination options

Related Glossary Terms

  • quality assurance ( quality control)

    quality assurance ( quality control)

    Terms denoting a formal program for monitoring product quality. The denotations are the same, but QC typically connotes a more traditional postmachining inspection system, while QA implies a more comprehensive approach, with emphasis on “total quality,” broad quality principles, statistical process control and other statistical methods.