Merlin Plus Standalone Software

May 01, 2021
Merlin Plus Standalone Software With Statistical Process Control

Marposs, a world leader in measurement, inspection and test technologies, has announced the standalone availability of Merlin Plus gauging software. Formerly only embedded in Merlin hardware devices, this software is now offered for use on any PC running Windows®7 or Windows®10 operating system. Aimed at optimizing industrial production analysis and control,Merlin Plus software combines flexibility and ease of use for managing simple measuring and manual bench applications. It is well-suited for fixture builders and makers, as well as end-users that want to configure their own measurement applications.

Merlin Plus software offers multiple measurement and statistical displays with numeric and graphic layout, trend limits, data traceability, batch management, part counters, and data storage; exporting in CSV or Q-DAS format. It can handle up to 250 different measurements, 1,000 different part programs and offers connection to several type of devices with built-in drivers. 

Merlin Plus software also comes with a free add-on called Merlin Designer, which allows users to create customized pages using graphical representations of measurements such as bars and images, as well as imported CAD, JPG, and GIF files. In manual applications this feature allows to easily guide the operator in carrying out the inspection sequence of any component.

With a set of predefined I/O configurations, the Merlin Plus software can also comfortably satisfy the need of simple automatic applications requiring to interface with a PLC.

The standard network capabilities of a full Windows system combined with the built-in data segregation features makes it a perfect platform for efficient data collection in compliance with company standards.

Related Glossary Terms

  • computer-aided design ( CAD)

    computer-aided design ( CAD)

    Product-design functions performed with the help of computers and special software.

  • fixture


    Device, often made in-house, that holds a specific workpiece. See jig; modular fixturing.