MERLIC 4 Software

January 15, 2019
MERLIC 4 Software

MVTec Software GmbH will issue its new MERLIC 4 software release on Feb. 15. It contains many new and improved features that make the creation of machine vision applications even easier, more efficient and more user-friendly. The range of functions has also been streamlined with regard to obsolete technologies and thereby optimized for users developing real-world solutions.

One highlight of the new version is the parallel processing and execution of different tools. This simplifies the implementation of multi-camera setups and allows for a more efficient use of the system's computing power. Different machine vision tasks can now be performed in one single instance. 

The software also offers 3D vision tools based on height images which, for example, enable users to read embossed text and perform other 3D machine vision tasks. For this, four new tools are included that make it possible to prepare images from 3D sensors or 3D cameras so that inspections can be subsequently carried out using MERLIC’s existing 2D tools.

Moreover, MERLIC 4 provides optimized process integration via Hilscher cifX cards of all current form factors. The software can thus communicate with common fieldbus and real-time Ethernet industrial protocols, such as PROFINET and EtherCAT, via Hilscher PC cards. This makes it possible to seamlessly integrate machine vision systems running MERLIC with a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Besides, MERLIC now supports “recipes” which allow for the rapid reconfiguration of different machine vision tasks.

Thanks to a completely redesigned tool flow with an even more intuitive user interface, users can easily arrange and handle tools and elements with the aid of parallel strands and buttons. A “branch trigger” also allows branches between the strands (Branch on Condition) to be displayed more transparently.

In addition, MERLIC 4 allows customized translations of standard texts in the frontend for all languages.

"In MERLIC 4, we provide many new features that will be extremely beneficial to machine vision users, including parallel tool execution, improved process integration, and 3D vision with height images. In this way, we meet a wide range of specific customer requirements that are in greater demand than ever before, not just today but also in the future," explains Sonja Schick, product manager MERLIC at MVTec.

"The user-friendliness and usability of machine vision software remains a significant concern in the industry. This is also due to a shortage of skilled labor and the inherently greater flexibility of processes in the Industrial Internet of Things. And this is exactly what we’re aiming for with MERLIC 4," adds Dr. Olaf Munkelt, MVTec managing director.

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