Manual VTL Chucks

May 01, 2011

New Royal Machine manual VTL chucks provide close-tolerance capabilities required when machining thin-walled products.

In making the announcement, Guy Byrne, General Manager, stated, "Unlike older designs using Cast Iron Bodies and Scrolls that have limited wear ability, our new design boasts superior steel strength, induced wear resistant body, hardened and precision ground Master Jaws and Wedge. This produces increased accuracies and wedge style gripping forces where it is pertinent to hold precision and close tolerances in the machining of parts and products made of exotic materials with thin-walled geometries."

In addition, this design uses a readily replaceable pinion gear for added torque and also has improved chip protection to help reduce contamination and downtime for maintenance.

Byrne further stated, "These specific features and applications of our 'Next Generation' design of Manual VTL Large Diameter Chucks are of particular interest and importance to specific industries such as aerospace, medical, bearings and energy technology."


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