MAKRA Impact Test Machine

March 01, 2014

LMC Workholding is now offering Alpine Metal Tech GmbH products in North America for the alloy wheel manufacturing industry. Alpine Metal Tech, part of Montana Tech Components AG, offers products worldwide under the brand names of Numtec and MAKRA. Numtec supplies machines and devices for the production of aluminum passenger car wheels with a primary focus on the handling, coding, identifying and measuring of the wheel at various stages of the manufacturing process. MAKRA machines provide aluminum wheel testing and enable aluminum wheel producers, inspection authorities, and automobile manufacturers to ensure that all standards, regulations, and safety requirements are fulfilled.

One such machine is the MAKRA Impact Test Machine. Accident research demands that automobile wheels survive under the heaviest of loads. The MAKRA Impact Test Machine simulates these extreme conditions. By selecting the desired amount of weight to be dropped, the drop height, and the angle of the wheel at impact, a wide range of conditions can be simulated. These conditions include striking a curb or hitting a pot hole.

"We're delighted to be able to work with Alpine Metal Tech. Our LMC wheel chucks keep us very close to the wheel industry and these new products are a great addition," said Jay Duerr, president of LMC Workholding.

Related Glossary Terms

  • impact test

    impact test

    Test to determine the behavior of materials when subjected to high rates of loading, usually in bending, tension or torsion. The quantity measured is the energy absorbed in breaking the specimen by a single blow, as in Charpy and Izod tests.


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