LMWS Laser Marking Workstation

April 01, 2015

Miyachi America Corp. announces it's new LMWS Laser Marking Workstation, specifically designed for benchtop operation. A major facelift to Miyachi's LMW2020 and LMW2030 marker workstations, the LMWS features a fresh, industrial design, with improved functionality, narrow width for lean manufacturing, and CDRH Class 1 safety. Integrated with our fiber laser marker, LMWS offers the widest range of marking capability in its class.

The versatile and easily configurable LMWS is ideal for marking metals, ceramics, and many plastics, and also has cutting, drilling, and welding capabilities. Requiring only minimal workspace, the updated unit is perfect for low volume production and research and development environments in the automotive, medical, aerospace, electronic components, and battery industries.

Standard LMWS models are powered by Miyachi's industrially proven 10-50 watt fiber laser markers. Using the same graphic user interface and lasers as the fiber marker series provides the same platform from prototype testing to high-volume manufacturing. The manual door opens vertically for easy 180 degree access to parts and tooling, and the large viewing window allows for visual process monitoring.

Inside the enclosure, the base model has a motorized Z that can be jogged to location by a rotary knob on the front panel. As an upgrade, this can be made to be a programmable axis. With either option, the Z-axis can be adjusted to keep the focus on the part height. A rotary axis can also be added for easy marking around cylindrical parts. The LMWS is equipped with F 100, 160 and 254 lenses for marking various parts and sizes. The fume extraction port with flexible tubing makes adjustment to different parts easy and fast.

Related Glossary Terms

  • ceramics


    Cutting tool materials based on aluminum oxide and silicon nitride. Ceramic tools can withstand higher cutting speeds than cemented carbide tools when machining hardened steels, cast irons and high-temperature alloys.

  • lean manufacturing

    lean manufacturing

    Companywide culture of continuous improvement, waste reduction and minimal inventory as practiced by individuals in every aspect of the business.


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