LFT-500 Series Laser Functional Trimming

November 19, 2021
Laser Functional Trimming for Precision Sensor Development and Manufacturing

Bold Laser Automation, Inc. of Bedford, NH USA, is excited to offer our LFT-500 Series Laser Functional Trimming platform for the manufacture of precision sensor devices, for the medical, aerospace and commercial marketplace.

The LFT-500 Series provides a cost-effective way to provide this type of enhanced process capability into your own facility. When functionally trimming, the particular parameter is continuously measured and compared with the set value. Once the set value is reached, the laser cut stops automatically. Resistance, voltage, current, frequency – almost all output signals can be adjusted to their target value via the LFT-500 Series tool, in conjunction with appropriate measuring equipment. Specifically built to target US based development groups who need tools for prototyping and pilot production, the platform provides a host of options including customized fixturing and test hardware.

Built for high precision throughput, the LFT-500 Series is outfitted with three wavelength options, including 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm, covering from NIR to UV.


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