Leine & Linde Model 800 Series Rotary Encoders

June 13, 2013

The robust mechanical structure and enhanced reliability designed into Leine & Linde's heavy duty Model 800 Series rotary encoders from Heidenhain supports their long history of successful operation in tough motion control environments, such as within the steel, paper and wind power equipment industries. Now, two new encoder models with dual outputs augment this product line for use in safety applications.

These new 855 and 865 model encoders incorporate heavy duty bearings, robust enclosures and electronic designs which are well-suited to withstand an environment where powerful vibrations and electronic disturbances such as overvoltage and short circuits are the norm. To meet the needs of equipment safety issues, the new Leine & Linde 855 and 865 models incorporate two encoders utilizing separate scanning LEDs and electronic circuits into one housing. The outputs are galvanically isolated from each other and may be connected to two separate systems depending upon the needs of the application. For example, one output could be used for motion control while the other is monitored to facilitate automatic machine shutoff in dangerous incidences.

Both Leine and Linde 855 and 865 encoders can be supplied with dual radial M23 12-pin connectors, while the 865 can also support either customer-installed or pre-installed cables. Most encoder variants on these models have the same pulse rate on both outputs, and a large number of output resolutions are available. Special limited variants are also possible where the two outputs have separate resolution, e.g. 1024-2048 ppr.

High voltage TTL, High Voltage/High Current TTL, RS-422, and standard 5 Vdc TTL output options can be mixed and matched for either output. Short-circuit protection is available for the high voltage options.

The 855 comes with an 11mm keyed shaft and B10 Euroflange mounting. The 865 can have either a 12mm or 16mm blind hollow-shaft with optional tether or torque bracket mountings. As an option, a 17mm taper shaft or ceramic bearings for enhanced lifetime and electrical isolation are also available.