Leine & Linde 800 Rotary Encoder Series

August 01, 2014

Available for Heidenhain, Leine & Linde's 800 rotary encoder series now includes an integrated over-speed capability with programmable switching speeds. In many industrial applications like wind turbines, steel plants or loading cranes, it is common for an incremental encoder signal to be complemented with a separate relay output for over-speed indication. This is typically used to protect equipment from damage due to loss of control, or personnel who might be in proximity to such equipment and where such a failure could cause injury. By incorporating the relay outputs into the encoder, the additional wiring and enclosure associated with the external solution are eliminated. This simplifies cabling, and improves reliability by reducing the number of components and interconnects.

Because a critical speed limit will vary with the motor type and application in the same plant, there may be a need for different over-speed configurations on different drives. The programmable over-speed provides flexibility as the same unit may be applied to different installations in the plant and programmed with specific settings during installation. Programming is made over USB with help of PC software. Up to three separate relay outputs can be configured with different switching speeds.

Over-speed outputs are available for the 850 shaft encoder and 861862 through-shaft encoders.