Larger Measurement Range for MCS10 Multicomponent Sensor

December 08, 2020
Sensor Offers High Accuracy, IP67 Protection, Low Crosstalk

World leading sensor manufacturer Hottinger Brüel & Kjær has launched a new addition to its MCS10 Multicomponent Sensor line from HBM - MCS10-200.

As part of the well-known MCS10 series, this latest version features capacities double the size of the previous version, making it suitable for nominal loads of 40 kN for Fx/Fy, 200 kN for Fz, 3.5 kNm for Mx/My and 3.0 kNm for Mz.

The sensor also offers high accuracy, IP67 protection, low crosstalk, compensation matrixes, TEDS and a wide temperature range.

It’s suitable across many different industries, including automotive, aerospace, industrial assembly, production lines and robotics. The sensor can be partnered with one of HBM’s amplifiers to provide a complete measurement chain for R&D, education or production tests.

Related Glossary Terms

  • robotics


    Discipline involving self-actuating and self-operating devices. Robots frequently imitate human capabilities, including the ability to manipulate physical objects while evaluating and reacting appropriately to various stimuli. See industrial robot; robot.