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May 13,2016

A new mobile app from Coherent Inc. enables operation of the company’s laser power and energy sensors using a tablet computer, thus delivering an improved user interface and enhanced ease-of-use. Coherent’s new LabMax-Pro mobile app is compatible with several popular tablet computers running the Android operating system (and having a display screen of 9" diagonal or greater), providing access to a comprehensive suite of laser power and energy measurement capabilities on a state-of-the-art, touchscreen display. These capabilities include instantaneous power reading, pulse shape analysis, beam position, data logging and statistics, as well as the ability to save data files and share them between mobile devices. 

The app can be utilized with two different hardware configurations. In the first, the tablet is connected by USB cable to a Coherent LabMax-Pro meter, which works with virtually all of Coherent’s extensive selection of laser power and energy sensors. LabMax-Pro meters are fast (continuous sampling at 10 Hz or 20 kHz, or burst sampling at 625 kHz), and the app fully supports these high speed measurements to enable real-time analysis of modulated or pulsed systems. In the second configuration, the tablet is connected by USB cable to one of Coherent’s new PowerMax-Pro USB sensors. These integrate traditional meter functionality within the sensor head cable, allowing a truly “meterless” tablet solution to laser power measurement. 

By leveraging the high quality, yet economical, touchscreen displays currently available on the market, Coherent can deliver a powerful and easy-to-use laser measurement solution at a reduced cost. Compact tablet computers also offer a portable solution for field service personnel who need access to sensor data.