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February 16, 2021
I/O Slices Enable OEMs to Measure and Control Temperature

Motion control specialist, Trio Motion Technology, is expanding the capability of its motion- based machine solution to integrate with additional sensors, relays and output devices. Trio has launched new I/O slices that enable OEMs to measure and control temperature as well as easily connect three-wire devices within a compact footprint. The new I/O slices join Trio’s existing range of digital and analog I/O.

Trio’s new P367 Thermocouple slice expands Trio’s machine solution with temperature measurement and control.

. Four thermocouple inputs feature alongside four outputs for control of a heater or other switched load.

Trio is also releasing the P362 Power Connect module which enables fast, simple integration of sensors, relays and output devices. The module simplifies connection of three-wire sensors into the I/O system and removes the footprint and cost required for additional terminals. With two banks of 10 x 24 V and 0 V connectors, easy wiring and multiple connection options make installation quicker and simpler.

Both the Power Connect and Thermocouple I/O slices feature push-fit wire connections into a cage clamp. Increasing connection security, particularly for applications which could be subject to vibration, the cage clamp system improves reliability and also means faster, simpler wiring without the requirement to use additional tools for installation and maintenance.

The slices click-in to Trio’s P366 EtherCAT Flexslice I/O coupler as well as Trio’s pocket-sized 64 axis Flex-6 Nano Motion Coordinator. They join a wide range of existing I/O that facilitates numerous digital and analog integration options. An advantage of Trio’s I/O slice approach compared to a traditional PLC is a saving on footprint and cost, combined with Trio’s motion- first specialization.

Larger machines using Trio’s more powerful Motion Coordinators, which control up to 128 axes, can benefit from decentralized control via Trio’s EtherCAT I/O Flexslice coupler. Trio’s distributed I/O allows local connection to sensors and actuators while maintaining real-time performance over EtherCAT. This approach simplifies cabling and reduces build time and cost. It also improves machine reliability, minimizing EMC influence and maintaining signal integrity as a result of reduced cable length.

Trio’s motion-first machine development is based on its Motion-iX core, delivering optimal motion performance for machine designers with all motion commands accessible through an easy to use API. The motion library is also accessible via IEC 61131-3 PLC languages for OEMs looking for a standards-based programming solution.

“The new slice options add to the machine control capability of the Flex-6 Nano Motion Coordinator, giving it greater versatility than typical PLC based solutions, in a highly compact, cost effective 64 axis control package,” says Tom Alexander, Trio Motion Technology.

Trio extends machine control capability with I/O expansion 16-bit resolution ensures flexibility in meeting the needs of a wide range of applications, from temperature measurement and monitoring to control of hot melt glue and sealing applications

“In addition, the new slice options further expand the machine solution of our more powerful Motion Coordinators for OEMs wishing to add decentralized control for machines up to 128 axes.”