Industrial Network Connectivity Products

December 01, 2014

Industrial network systems allow for real-time distributed control of many connection points from a single controller. These "network bus" systems reduce the total amount of cable required and can simplify the overall design. Mencom offers a broad range of industrial network connectivity products to streamline your installation.

Using Ethernet in industrial applications is becoming more prevalent. This has increased the need for Ethernet product that is built to handle harsh environments. Mencom has addressed this need with a series of rugged Ethernet products. Our E45V3 series connectors allow for an IP67 rating while using standard RJ45 connectors.

Mencom also offers M12 threaded over-molded cables, receptacles and field wireable plugs. We refer to this series with a MDE45 prefix. The MDE45 series utilizes M12 4 wire (D-Coded) connectors with 2 pair Cat 5e cables or M12 8 wire (A-Coded) connectors with 4 pair Cat 5e cable. The MDE45 is specifically used in Industrial Ethernet applications, and has teal cable using twisted pairs of wires inside. This connector has a unique keyway that is known as D-coded.

The Unmanaged Fast Ethernet Switches are designed to work in a variety of industrial environments. These switches protect themselves from receiving too many broadcast packets. During normal use, broadcast packets will be forwarded to all ports except the source port. However, it will discard broadcast or multicast packets if the number of those packets exceeds a threshold in a preset period of time. When the preset period expires (about 800ms), it will then resume receiving broadcast or multicast packets until the threshold is reached again.

Each switch provides two redundant power inputs that can be connected simultaneously to a wide range of DC power sources. If one of the power inputs fails, the other live source acts as a backup to provide the power needs automatically. Mencom provides two new convenient ways to simplify your industrial Ethernet connection application. The pass-through single port M12 D-code is plug and play. The M12 connector on the outside of the panel available in male or female gender, will accept any D-code Industrial Ethernet M12 cables. The "Easy to Use Female RJ45 Jack" on the inside of the panel accepts your standard RJ45 patch cord.

If your application calls for several Ethernet connections, our 4 port M12 panel is the answer. With 4 easy to access, custom labeled, M12 D-Code receptacles mounted to one plate, installation is quick and efficient. Each receptacle passes through the panel to a convenient female RJ45 jack on the inside. The plate comes with a gasket to ensure the environmental protection of your control cabinet.

Mencom's products have been certified for compliance with both Canadian and U.S. safety requirements by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and the UL Listed mark now appears on most of our end products. UL is a non-profit organization that has developed more than 1,000 safety standards for 100 years and tested electrical devices for safety and functionality to the maximum.


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