HELIDO Profiler Family

March 01, 2011

ISCAR has expanded its popular line of HELIDO ROUND H400 fine-pitch mills to improve profile machining and ramping over a wider range of applications. Included now are 10 and 16mm inserts, to complement the original 12mm insert. Matching cutters cover the 1.0" & 1.25" diameters for endmills and 1.5" to 4" for facemills.

Unlike true rounds, HELIDO 400 ROUND inserts have a periphery that consists of bounding arcs with radii that would be found on pure rounds twice their size. Each insert has four 120 degree arcs. This enables the cutters to have more flutes compared to existing standards resulting in higher feed capability.

The inserts are double sided, with helical cutting edges for gentler entry plus top-face geometry to create 10 degree positive-rake inclination. They feature ISCAR's innovative SUMO TEC post-coating treatment that improves performance 35 percent on average. Each insert provides four 120 degree arcs.

Dovetail clamping design in the cutter helps to direct forces to the body thus relieving clamping screw of the impact loads. The unique HELIDO 400 ROUND insert shape creates four fixed indexing positions per side and firmer no-twist seating able to withstand high cutting forces. Fixed indexing positions also ensure that all four edges are used, and eliminate the uncertainties that lead to discarding of rounds which still have good edges.

Related Glossary Terms

  • feed


    Rate of change of position of the tool as a whole, relative to the workpiece while cutting.

  • flutes


    Grooves and spaces in the body of a tool that permit chip removal from, and cutting-fluid application to, the point of cut.

Additional Products from Iscar USA

The milling heads have been designed for shoulder roughing, semi-finishing and finishing applications with ramping down capability. The milling heads are available in .312-1.00” diameter range.

A new family of tools and economical 5 pocket adapters for existing TANG-GRIP inserts in sizes of 2 and 3mm. These new adapters will allow parting applications of bar diameters up to Ø45mm. A new SLIM-GRIP 1.2-1.6mm inserts for a pentagonal adapter suitable for parting up to 22mm bar diameter.

The advanced design combines a strong insert structure, a durable cutter body, secure mounting, and advanced carbide grades. This innovative solution enables face and square shoulder milling, while providing an additional option for milling close to shoulders where there are workpiece or work…

The NEOTURN XNMG demonstrates excellent chip control and highly stable tool life in a wide range of applications. The NEOTURN system also enables machining complicated workpiece shapes close to the tail stock where space is limited. This can be performed without replacing the holder and decreases…

When mounted in a NEOFEED tool, the insert enables a positive tool rake angle which assures smooth cutting and reduced cutting forces and power consumption. The insert pocket has a dovetail shape that provides rigid and reliable insert clamping and improves the a cutter’s capability to withstand…

135° Point Geometry – Split point geometry for superior drilling penetration and accuracy. Double-Margin Design – For improved drilling stability and smooth surface finish. Polished Flutes - Chip evacuation is improved during deep-hole drilling when the flutes are polished. Coolant Holes – Cooling…

The spline connection designation is SP… where the no. indicates the connection size.
The general duty cutting geometry of the heads is suited for efficient slot milling on a wide spectrum of workpiece materials for maximum depth of cut.

ISCAR is introducing 17 mm diameter PENTA inserts, designed for machining small size parts with up to 4 mm maximum grooving depth capability. The inserts are available in a range of widths from 0.25 to 3.18 mm, with different edge configurations for parting, grooving, turning and threading.

The XNMU inserts are the original concept of double-sided inserts with 4 right-hand and 4 left-hand helical cutting edges for slot milling cutters. These inserts are made of SUMOTEC carbide grades, designed for milling alloy steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel, and cast-iron. 

The drill bodies are available in 3xD and 5xD length to diameter ratios. The inserts are supplied in a specifically developed user-friendly key, enabling easy mounting with no setup time.