HEAVYDUTY 20 Anti-Slip Coating

July 15, 2021
HEAVYDUTY 20 Anti-Slip Coating Ideal for Industrial Environments

Wooster Products introduces HEAVYDUTY 20, an anti-slip coating which provide high traction and durability for industrial areas including factories and manufacturing environments, as well as industrial and commercial settings like auto service stations, retail facilities like ski resorts, and more.  A member of the Walk-A-Sured® Water Clear Epoxy System, this eco-friendly, two-component epoxy system meets OSHA and ADA standards, and ASTM slip-resistance requirements.  It contains 100% solids, with no solvents or VOCs, ensuring compatibility with previously installed coatings.  Water, solvent and chemical resistant Walk-A-Sured® Water Clear HEAVYDUTY 20 contains polymer grit which gives the coating long-lasting added traction.   It is ideal for use on industrial floors by machining centers and other oil-prone areas, in auto service stations where oil and grease are common, in ski resorts where floors are normally wet, and other manufacturing/industrial/commercial environments. 

Available in 1-gallon kits which cover 150-225 square feet, HEAVYDUTY 20 is easily applied with ¼” nap lint-free epoxy roller.  This proven system cures completely in just 6-8 hours at ambient temperature (77 degrees F, or 25 degrees C). Compatible surfaces include concrete, metal, wood, glass, ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, stone, and previously installed coatings.

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