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August 01, 2011

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. announces the latest addition to its coated carbide grade lineup, insert grade AC420K. ISO classified as a K20 grade, the AC420K performs exceptionally in cast iron roughing applications involving medium to heavy interruptions. The AC420K is a new black Sumitomo Super FF (Fine and Flat) CVD coated grade. Its ultra-thick coating layers of TiCN for wear and chipping resistance, and Al2O3 layers for excellent wear and heat resistance drastically improve conventional cast iron grade tool life. Additionally, the flat surface of the Super FF coating provides excellent chip adhesion resistance.

Along with the AC420K, Sumitomo added the EGZ chipbreaker to its product lineup. The EGZ is a groove style chipbreaker that is ideal for medium- to light-roughing depth of cut (0.070"-0.200") applications with a feed rate range of 0.004-0.020 IPR.

Related Glossary Terms

  • chemical vapor deposition ( CVD)

    chemical vapor deposition ( CVD)

    High-temperature (1,000° C or higher), atmosphere-controlled process in which a chemical reaction is induced for the purpose of depositing a coating 2µm to 12µm thick on a tool’s surface. See coated tools; PVD, physical vapor deposition.

  • chipbreaker


    Groove or other tool geometry that breaks chips into small fragments as they come off the workpiece. Designed to prevent chips from becoming so long that they are difficult to control, catch in turning parts and cause safety problems.

  • depth of cut

    depth of cut

    Distance between the bottom of the cut and the uncut surface of the workpiece, measured in a direction at right angles to the machined surface of the workpiece.

  • feed


    Rate of change of position of the tool as a whole, relative to the workpiece while cutting.

  • flat ( screw flat)

    flat ( screw flat)

    Flat surface machined into the shank of a cutting tool for enhanced holding of the tool.

  • titanium carbonitride ( TiCN)

    titanium carbonitride ( TiCN)

    Often used as a tool coating. See coated tools.