GP and HT shrink-fit toolholder lines

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May 01,2010

New shrink-fit toolholders for machining centers and multitask machines are available from Kennametal Inc. The shrink-fit program is split into two lines. The GP (General Purpose) line for carbide, HSS and steel shanks can be accommodated with clamping torques suitable for most general machining tasks. For heavy roughing that requires a higher clamping torque or for cutting difficult-to-machine materials, the HT (High Torque) is recommended. The HT line has a 30 to 50 percent higher clamping torque than the GP line. The shrink-fit holders accommodate steep taper, HSK, BT, CV and DV back ends.

Related Glossary Terms

  • centers


    Cone-shaped pins that support a workpiece by one or two ends during machining. The centers fit into holes drilled in the workpiece ends. Centers that turn with the workpiece are called “live” centers; those that do not are called “dead” centers.

  • high-speed steels ( HSS)

    high-speed steels ( HSS)

    Available in two major types: tungsten high-speed steels (designated by letter T having tungsten as the principal alloying element) and molybdenum high-speed steels (designated by letter M having molybdenum as the principal alloying element). The type T high-speed steels containing cobalt have higher wear resistance and greater red (hot) hardness, withstanding cutting temperature up to 1,100º F (590º C). The type T steels are used to fabricate metalcutting tools (milling cutters, drills, reamers and taps), woodworking tools, various types of punches and dies, ball and roller bearings. The type M steels are used for cutting tools and various types of dies.