June 01, 2010

Fischer Technology Inc.'s Deltascope FMP30, Isoscope FMP30 and Dualscope FMP40 coating thickness instruments feature strategies for measurement capture, more memory and extensive graphical and statistical evaluation capabilities and are now available with an integrated Bluetooth interface for data transmission to a PC or notebook. The Bluetooth module enables data transmission to a distance of more than 30' for data documentation. All FMP series handheld coating thickness gauges have a large selection of interchangeable probes that have a wide measurement range. Bluetooth is also available on the Feritscope FMP30, which has a plug-in smart probe and is suited for fast, nondestructive measurement of ferrite content on-site or in the lab, according to the magnetic inductive method.

Related Glossary Terms

  • ferrite


    Solid solution of one or more elements in body-centered cubic iron. Unless otherwise designated, for instance, as chromium ferrite, the solute is generally assumed to be carbon. On an equilibrium diagram, there are two ferrite regions separated by an austenite area. The lower area is alpha ferrite and the upper area is delta ferrite. If there is no designation, alpha ferrite is assumed. Not more than 0.04 percent carbon can be dissolved in alpha iron. Ferrite is stable below 1,670º F (910º C); it is soft, highly ductile, and magnetic. Ferrite loses its magnetic property above 1,414º F (768º C).


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