Filter Select Program

July 01, 2015

Bosch Rexroth has developed a filter sizing program that allows users to input various parameters such as fluid type, fluid viscosity, system temperature, andµm rating to evaluate the pressure drop across Rexroth filters. The sizing software (Filter Select) can be used to quickly determine the best filter for a specific hydraulic application and will provide Rexroth part numbers, model codes, pressure drop curves, dirt holding capacities, spare parts, and more.

At the heart of the Filter Select program is a database of hydraulic fluid information. With close cooperation between several fluid manufacturers, an extensive fluid library has been developed and loaded into Filter Select.

Bosch Rexroth is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Filter Select program to include hydraulic fluids from Houghton International Inc. The decision to add Houghton fluids to the Filter Select program was further reinforced based on recent testing conducted by Bosch Rexroth and Houghton to demonstrate that Houghton's hydraulic fluids would deliver the high performance required when using Bosch Rexroth components.

"Our customers benefit from being able to choose among high-performance fluid suppliers, and we are confident that Houghton delivers outstanding products and service," said Kerry DeWitt, Filtration Product Manager for Bosch Rexroth Corporation.

Effective hydraulic fluid performance and filtration can significantly improve the performance, longevity and efficient operation of hydraulic systems. For best results in actual practice, the customer must maintain the fluid and monitor with regular testing.

"Rexroth customers have high expectations for the performance of their systems, and we are pleased that our fluids perform to Rexroth's high standards," said Tony Noblit, Houghton's Market Development Manager, Fluid Power. "The Filter Select tool makes it fast and easy for customers to find the best filters and fluids for optimal performance and we are pleased to have Houghton fluids included in the program."