FEELER HV-1100V Vertical Machining Center

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August 04,2016

Methods Machine Tools Inc. has expanded its FEELER line to include the FEELER HV-1100V, a high performance vertical machining center that features a rigid design and many innovative features to provide exceptional accuracy and machining efficiency. The newest of the FEELER HV line, the HV-1100V features a dedicated trunnion, 4+1 axis configuration and a 13.8” (350 mm) rotary table. The trunnion is solidly built by Autocam with roller cam technology, and offers a 16” (406 mm) by 14” (356 mm) work envelope. The tilting A-axis has a full +/-120 degree of motion. 

The FEELER HV-1100V’s reinforced cross-ribbed column structure and no counter-balance weight design dramatically improves torsional torque resistance and reduces low frequency resonance for optimal stability, according to the company. This design greatly reduces peck-drilling vibration and prevents oscillation normally caused by a counter-balance weight. The new FEELER design dramatically improves movement stability on the Z-axis and delivers 30 percent increased rigidity for more accuracy, better workpiece finish and less waste.

The FEELER HV-1100V offers an X-Axis travel of 33.5" (850 mm), a Y-Axis travel of 19.3” (490 mm) and a Z-Axis travel of 20.7" (5250 mm).  Rigorous speed vibration control is ensured by utilizing a rigid spindle that increases metal-removal rates by more than 30 percent and improves machining accuracy and tool life. A maximum spindle speed of 12,000 RPM on 30-HP direct drive, 40-taper spindle is standard.

The HV-1100V also features a 30 tool swing arm automatic toolchanger magazine with a tool-to-tool time of 1 second at 60Hz. A fast chip removal system with chip conveyor, automatic lubrication system, dust-proof electrical cabinet and Methods’ safety package are all standard on the HV-1100V. A reliable, easy-to-use FANUC 0iMFControl with 4th Axis prep and a 10.4” color LCD is also standard with a swiveling control panel for ergonomics and convenience. 

Related Glossary Terms

  • Vickers hardness number ( HV)

    Vickers hardness number ( HV)

    Number related to the applied load and surface area of the permanent impression made by a square-based pyramidal diamond indenter having included face angles of 136º. The Vickers hardness number is a ratio of the applied load in kgf, multiplied by 1.8544, and divided by the length of diagonal squared.

  • automatic toolchanger

    automatic toolchanger

    Mechanism typically included in a machining center that, on the appropriate command, removes one cutting tool from the spindle nose and replaces it with another. The changer restores the used tool to the magazine and selects and withdraws the next desired tool from the storage magazine. The changer is controlled by a set of prerecorded/predetermined instructions associated with the part(s) to be produced.

  • computer-aided manufacturing ( CAM)

    computer-aided manufacturing ( CAM)

    Use of computers to control machining and manufacturing processes.

  • machining center

    machining center

    CNC machine tool capable of drilling, reaming, tapping, milling and boring. Normally comes with an automatic toolchanger. See automatic toolchanger.

  • toolchanger


    Carriage or drum attached to a machining center that holds tools until needed; when a tool is needed, the toolchanger inserts the tool into the machine spindle. See automatic toolchanger.

  • work envelope

    work envelope

    Cube, sphere, cylinder or other physical space within which the cutting tool is capable of reaching.