EIV5 Series Endmills

April 27, 2016

The EIV5 series from Millstar is revitalizing conventional practices for machine shops. With its combination of radial grind, variable helix, variable pitch and radius preparation, the EIV5 is a versatile endmill engineered for diverse machining applications.

Reinforced cutting edge allows increased chip load without risk of edge failure.

Variable pitch accommodates large step-overs with no bottom vibration.

Variable helix eliminates side vibrations while achieving greater DOC.

Corner radius preparation allows longer machining times without radius failure. 

Exceptional performance with high-temperature alloys like titanium at 300sfm 2xD with 20 percent step-over and a 0.6 percent chip load.

Related Glossary Terms

  • alloys


    Substances having metallic properties and being composed of two or more chemical elements of which at least one is a metal.

  • endmill


    Milling cutter held by its shank that cuts on its periphery and, if so configured, on its free end. Takes a variety of shapes (single- and double-end, roughing, ballnose and cup-end) and sizes (stub, medium, long and extra-long). Also comes with differing numbers of flutes.

  • pitch


    1. On a saw blade, the number of teeth per inch. 2. In threading, the number of threads per inch.

  • step-over


    Distance between the passes of the toolpath; the path spacing. The distance the tool will move horizontally when making the next pass. Too great of a step-over will cause difficulty machining because there will be too much pressure on the tool as it is trying to cut with too much of its surface area.

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