ECN/EQN and ROC/ROQ 400M Rotary Encoders

October 01, 2014

HEIDENHAIN introduces the new absolute ECN/EQN and ROC/ROQ 400M rotary encoders now available for use on machines that require a Mitsubishi interface. These encoders fulfill the requirements of the Mitsubishi High Speed Generation 2 pure binary interface with two-pair transmission.

These products are an addition to the 400 series of encoders with integral bearings and stator or separate shaft coupling. The single turn versions feature 33554432 (25 bits) of resolution while the multi turn variations have 8388608 (23 bits) of resolution while tracking 4096 (12 bits) revolutions. All these encoders provide high protection ratings with an IP 67 rating on the housing and IP 63 at the shaft inlet. This robustness makes them suitable for use on servo axes and spindles in machine tools.

The ECN/EQN 400M rotary encoders are available with a blind hollow shaft or a hollow through shaft. The ROC/ROQ 400M encoders are available with a synchro or clamping flange and an additional circumferential slot for fastening with fixing lamps. Both these series of encoders have other versions currently available for use with SSI, EnDat, DRIVE-CLiQ or FANUC interfaces as well upon request.