November 01, 2011

Kistler has introduced the USB-based Type 2825A DynoWare universal data acquisition and analysis software, designed for direct compatibility with Kistler stationary and rotary measuring systems, including single- and multi-component dynamometers and other force sensors.

The simple operation of Kistler Type 2825A DynoWare allows for full configuration and control of up to 28 force measurement channels via USB, RS-232C or IEEE-488. For signal analysis, DynoWare offers real-time visualization of measured curves, along with evaluation and calculation functions. The software allows for individual measurement channel documentation, along with measured data storage. Signal evaluation capabilities also further allow for compensation of undesirable signal drift due, for example, to undue temperature influence.

DynoWare supports several A/D cards (PCI/PCMCIA) as well as the USB 2.0 function of the Kistler Type 5697A force charge amplifier. It is ideal for the acquisition and evaluation of cutting forces, reaction forces, crash impacts, or other types of physical force measurands.