Dust Collectors With Integrated Safety Monitoring Filters

April 03, 2018
Dust Collectors With Integrated Safety Monitoring Filters

For operations that produce toxic dusts like manganese, hex chrome, nickel and zinc oxide, it is a priority to keep the workplace safe and compliant with OSHA regulations. But traditional remote-mounted HEPA filters require expensive, cumbersome ducting configurations and additional supports that take up valuable space. Camfil APC dust collectors are available with Integrated Safety Monitoring Filters (iSMFs) to isolate toxic particulates ensuring that no measurable weight of emissions is being discharged. iSMF filters are available in HEPA-grade or ASHRAE-grade.

The iSMF units are installed at the factory on top of Camfil APC's standard Farr Gold Series dust collector, which minimizes the total footprint. No additional ductwork, transitions or supports are required. Hazardous particulates are contained because the iSMF unit allows filters to be located prior to the fan, keeping them under negative pressure.

These after-filters also prevent collected dust from re-entering the workspace if there is a leak in the primary filters and stop flames that occur from combustible dust incidents, protecting downstream equipment. The iSMFs are monitored for changes in differential pressure and can be programmed to signal an alarm or shut down the dust collector, if necessary.

The HEPA-grade filters achieve a DOP efficiency of 99.97 percent on 0.3-micron particles. The ASHRAE-grade Riga-Flo filters achieve a 95 percent ASHRAE efficiency and are rated for 2,650 cfm, (4,248 cmh), per filter.

"Our Integrated Safety Monitoring Filters are a total cost-effective solution to contain toxic dusts," said Graeme Bell, vice president of Camfil APC Americas. "They reduce installation costs because they are added to the system at the factory, and they provide a redundant system that monitors the condition of the primary filter."