Clipless Steel Guarding

May 13, 2016

Custom industrial safety guarding provider Faztek LLC announces its new line of clipless steel guarding. Faztek’s steel guarding line is used to create a variety of custom products, including robotic guards, safety guards, welding cells and conveyor guards.

While the core characteristics of Faztek’s steel guarding, such as easy assembly, sized to exact specifications, simple modifications, modularity, remain the same, the new product design offers customers a more rigid product, while virtually eliminating horizontal waviness in the wire panels. Not only does this create a more visually appealing product, but also by eliminating obtrusive clips, which have the potential to snag clothing or loose articles, the new steel guarding solution is actually safer.

“Faztek’s custom steel guarding solutions offer customers the appearance, strength and rigidity of framed guarding but with a wire mesh that is easily removed and adaptable for later changes to guarding in the future,” said Aaron McDevitt, COO of Faztek. “We are thrilled to launch our clipless steel guarding, as it will provide customers with a quality product they have grown to expect from Faztek, but now with a more rigid frame and visually appealing design.” 

In addition to offering steel guarding, Faztek works directly with customers to create custom safety solutions to protect employees, machines and companies as a whole. Faztek offers unique hybrid systems made of aluminum T-slot, steel guarding, as well as an electronic safety device, which is in accordance with OSHA’s most recent criteria.

Related Glossary Terms

  • waviness


    The more widely spaced component of the surface texture. Includes all irregularities spaced more widely than the instrument cutoff setting. See flows; lay; roughness.