CLEAN Plus Coating

July 13, 2013

HELUKABEL announced a new cable jacket coating to enhance the cable and wire surface cleaning process. Known as CLEAN Plus, the new coating uses nanotechnology to create a lotus effect on cable jackets, which prevents the adherence of harmful substances such as oils, greases, paints, and sludge.

The so-called lotus effect stems from flora, where it can be found on the lotus flower and other plant species. On the surface of its leaves are tiny protrusions only a fewµm thick and coated with tiny wax-like crystals. This surface causes water droplets and dirt particles to have limited contact with the leaf, preventing adhesion. Spherical water droplets slide off the leaves removing any dirt particles attached.

HELUKABEL engineers were able to create this same effect on the surface of cables using nanotechnology to make cable jacket surfaces simpler to clean. Should there be any surface contamination, the cable can easily be wiped off using a cloth and water. If the soiling is heavier, high pressure washers and steam cleaners can also be used without the need of aggressive detergents, which over time can degrade the outer jacket and affect cable performance.

Cables and wires coated with CLEAN Plus have non-stick properties and are suitable for numerous applications. The CLEAN Plus' coating properties have been tested according to DIN EN ISO 1998.

HELUKABEL will not only treat new cables with this environmentally-friendly coating, but also incorporate it with its already existing product portfolio.