Claw Jaws for Turning Applications

January 28, 2020
Claw Jaws for Turning Applications

Dillon Manufacturing’s new Claw Jaws enhance flexibility and maximize grip for turning applications. Dillon Claw Jaws are designed to bite into the workpiece providing increased holding power.

The optimized clamping contour provides secure grip on the workpiece, while the jaw weight, its center of gravity, and cutting forces combine to minimizes jaw clamping force loss. Manufactured from 8620 steel for durability and long service life, an extensive product range is ideal for ID, OD and bar clamping applications. The Dillon Claw Jaw system is available for most chuck brands. 

Optional rest buttons allow setting up different clamping depths. Competitive pricing with fast delivery, coupled with enhanced productivity and long service life combine to reduce tooling costs.

Related Glossary Terms

  • chuck


    Workholding device that affixes to a mill, lathe or drill-press spindle. It holds a tool or workpiece by one end, allowing it to be rotated. May also be fitted to the machine table to hold a workpiece. Two or more adjustable jaws actually hold the tool or part. May be actuated manually, pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically. See collet.

  • inner diameter ( ID)

    inner diameter ( ID)

    Dimension that defines the inside diameter of a cavity or hole. See OD, outer diameter.

  • outer diameter ( OD)

    outer diameter ( OD)

    Dimension that defines the exterior diameter of a cylindrical or round part. See ID, inner diameter.

  • turning


    Workpiece is held in a chuck, mounted on a face plate or secured between centers and rotated while a cutting tool, normally a single-point tool, is fed into it along its periphery or across its end or face. Takes the form of straight turning (cutting along the periphery of the workpiece); taper turning (creating a taper); step turning (turning different-size diameters on the same work); chamfering (beveling an edge or shoulder); facing (cutting on an end); turning threads (usually external but can be internal); roughing (high-volume metal removal); and finishing (final light cuts). Performed on lathes, turning centers, chucking machines, automatic screw machines and similar machines.