BLÚ Distributed Control Network

June 09, 2016

Marposs offers its new BLÚ distributed control network for machine tools. The BLÚ system represents a new approach to the concept of a localized network on a machine tool. The BLÚ system architecture enables real time communication between the various internal and external machine functions. The modular system is comprised of a central processing unit located in the machine’s control panel with compact, easy to install nodes to control functions such as part flagging, gage electromechanical actuation and in-process measurement, acoustic emission sensing, wheel balancing and process monitoring. All communication between the master processing unit and the functional nodes is handled by a single cable, which vastly simplifies and reduces cost of installation, maintenance and upgrading of the control system.

The BLÚ system can be adapted for a variety of uses, from simple control applications through the most complex integrated production and control systems. Its modular architecture allows users to modify the system according to their specific requirements by adding the necessary function nodes and the associated application software packages.

Process optimization on all types of machine tools is feasible using the flexible new BLÚ system. The architecture of the BLÚ using its network nodes, features technical solutions for machine tools with all current Marposs measuring and process control sensors.

The individual system elements that make up the control network may be connected together at various distances from each other, depending upon the layout of the specific machine. The system includes nodes that can be positioned inside the cabinet and others that can be installed close to the working area where environmental conditions may be highly critical.

Components of the BLÚ system are designed to provide ultimate mechanical reliability and to withstand even the most aggressive working environments and the presence of waste materials produced by the machining process, coolants, vibration, and temperature variations.

The BLÚ system software is designed along the lines of interactively programmable operating cycles displayed in user friendly language, and features intuitive menus and a customizable human interface. The system has been designed so that the machine PLC logic management uses as few I/O signals as possible. It can be installed as a slave in all current PLC networks. The system features a self-diagnostic software, and replacing parts is quick and simple, which means that repair and maintenance times are kept to a minimum.

Thanks to a signal sampling frequency of 45,000 Hz and a measurement resolution of 10 nanometers, the BLÚ system is ready to face the challenges of the future posed by increases in machine axis resolution and material removal rates, irrespective of the type of surface being processed, according to the company.

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    process control

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