Beginning AutoCAD 2017 Exercise Workbook

August 03, 2016

For new users of AutoCAD, or those simply brushing up on their skills, there is no better resource, according to the publisher. Published by Industrial Press Inc., Beginning AutoCAD 2017 Exercise Workbook by Cheryl Shrock and Steve Heather provides step-by-step instructions with corresponding screen shots illustrating exactly what the user will see when using the software.

All of the new bells and whistles of AutoCAD 2017 are featured. For instance, users can now directly import a .PDF drawing, including both the geometry and text, into drawing entities that can be modified within AutoCAD.  

Related Glossary Terms

  • brushing


    Generic term for a curve whose shape is controlled by a combination of its control points and knots (parameter values). The placement of the control points is controlled by an application-specific combination of order, tangency constraints and curvature requirements. See NURBS, nonuniform rational B-splines.


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