AutoCAD Pocket Reference, Sixth Edition

April 01, 2014

Published by Industrial Press Inc. and written by Cheryl R. Shrock, AutoCAD Pocket Reference, sixth edition, is a handy reference that provides easy access to all the important fundamental commands, concepts and "how to" information for everyday use of AutoCAD. It's ideal for students, teachers and on-the-job AutoCAD users who are on the go and need an occasional reminder on how to use a command.

This pocket reference is not intended to be a substitute for an introductory textbook. To learn AutoCAD quickly and easily, obtain Beginning AutoCAD Exercise Workbook from Industrial Press.

New features include:

• All sections updated to reflect AutoCAD 2013/2014 styles, including all new images and many amended and new illustrations.

• Totally revised and reformatted table of contents and index, making it much easier to pick out the correct page number for the needed topic.

• All "arc" illustrations have been redrawn to eliminate the need to rotate pages.

• "Hatch" command coverage updated to reflect the new methods in AutoCAD 2013/2014.

• A new section on opening multiple files in AutoCAD 2014.

• A new section on creating an Autodesk 360 account, plus how to save and open files to Autodesk 360 Cloud.

• All the new commands and additions to the "command line" in AutoCAD 2014.


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