AirPick and EPick Vacuum Grippers

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August 16, 2019
AirPick and EPick Vacuum Grippers

Robotiq announced that its vacuum grippers, AirPick and EPick, are now compatible with the OMRON Collaborative Robot series and Techman Robot, along with other major cobot brands.

AirPick and EPick are fully customizable vacuum grippers designed for a wide range of industrial applications and are suitable for manipulating workpieces including cardboard, glass, sheet metal and plastic. Their level of flexibility gives manufacturers complete control over the automation process, while their intuitive features eliminate the need for expensive, complicated, custom-design solutions.

“With an estimated two million manufacturing jobs predicted to go unfulfilled within North America by 2020, manufacturers need automation solutions that are designed for industrial needs, easy to use, and flexible,” said Jean-Philippe Jobin, Robotiq’s CTO and co-founder. “By expanding the compatibility of Robotiq’s AirPick and EPick to include other leading global cobot brands, we’re continuing to further develop our product family and offer manufacturers the most effective solution for their cobot applications."

AirPick and EPick’s compatibility expansion comes on the heels of Robotiq’s release of an updated software for its Adaptive Grippers. When these products are combined with leading cobot brands, manufacturers now have an effective, low-cost solution for automating applications such as machine tending, pick-and-place, packaging and assembly.

AirPick and EPick are the latest addition to Robotiq’s complete lineup of reliable, high-quality grippers.


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