AHS/AHM36 Absolute Encoders

May 01, 2015

SICK announced the launch of the AHS/AHM36 absolute encoder. Measuring 36mm in diameter, the AHS/AHM36 absolute encoders are compact and feature a unique rotatable M12 connector or rotatable cable outlet. These characteristics make the encoder ideal for tight spaces, where larger housing diameters would take up too much space. A range of configuration options allow for simple, flexible, and time-saving installation.

The AHS/AHM36 absolute encoders are available with either SSI or CANopen interfaces and can be easily set up for various applications allowing binary, non-binary, and non-integer resolutions with the round axis functionality. The encoders are also available in many different versions, with blind hollow shafts or solid shafts and various assembly hole patterns, thus permitting multiple applications, including automated guided systems (AGS), industrial vehicles, utility vehicles, packaging machines, logistics applications, and machine construction.

With a fully magnetic sensor system, protection class up to IP 67, and operating temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C (depending on the type), AHS/AHM36 absolute encoders are reliable for operation in harsh environments.

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