A-352 XY / XYZ Cartesian Gantry Systems

June 24, 2021
XY / XYZ Cartesian Gantry Systems for Large Area Inspection, Assembly, and 3D Printing

Precision motion control and nano-positioning industry leader, PI, introduces a new high performance gantry stage system, further increasing its gantry linear robot product family. The A-352 direct-oridrive gantry covers overhead motion ranges up to 2x1 meters and is based on a total of 3 direct-drive, closed-loop, brushless linear motors. Guided by high load mechanical linear bearings, it is ready for demanding 24/7 industrial automation applications. For maximum uptime and accuracy, absolute measuring linear encoders are integrated making homing procedures unnecessary and eliminating the possibility of dropped encoder counts from incrementally operating encoders. The ironless 3-phase linear motors are free of cogging, for improved velocity control and constancy – important for laser machining and digital printing applications.

XYZ Configurations with Z-Axis Linear Modules

For applications requiring XYZ motion, a motorized vertical linear module can be added at the factory - voice coil motors, linear motors, and screw drive linear modules are available, all with counterbalance or break option. Customizations, such as stage base materials (granite, aluminum, etc), a steel base, or isolators as well as mounting platforms for vision systems, laser heads, galvos or dispensers, etc., are also available.

Features of the gantry motion system include:

  • Standard XY travel ranges from 750x750mm to 1000x2000mm 
  • Absolute encoders, 1 nanometer resolution
  • XYZ Configurations with Z-Stage options: linear motors, voice-coil scanners or ball screw stages
  • Dynamic error mapping for higher performance with ACS motion controller
  • High velocity: Up to 2 meters/second on the cross axis
  • Cable carrier option, e-chain
  • Water cooling option for high acceleration / high duty cycle applications

EtherCat-based Industry Motion Controllers

The A-352 overhead gantry motion system is operated by industry-leading EtherCat-based motion controllers / and servo drives that offer superior servo performance, advanced control algorithms to improve dynamic performance, for example in active photonics alignment and error compensation specifically for gantries, as well as a wide suite of software development tools.

Related Glossary Terms

  • laser machining

    laser machining

    Intensified, pulsed beams of light generated by lasers—typically carbon dioxide or neodium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG)—that drill, weld, engrave, mark, slit and caseharden. Usually under CNC, often at both high cutting rates (100 linear in./sec.) and high power (5kW or more). Lasers also are used in conjunction with in-process quality-control monitoring systems allowing measuring accuracies of 0.00001".