June 11, 2021
A-142 High Performance Compact Nano-Positioning and Linear Alignment Stage

PI’s air bearing motion product line is expanding again. The new A-142 high performance compact nano-positioning and linear alignment stage is designed with a voice coil motor and frictionless air bearing slide for highly repeatable motion with outstanding accuracy. This low-profile nanopositioning stage (only 27 mm high (1.1”)) is maintenance free, and due to its non-particle generating drive and guiding principle, cleanroom compatible. It delivers 10mm (0.4”) of hysteresis-free linear travel of its 75x80mm (≈3x3¼”) moving platform while supporting up to 3kg (6.6lbs) loads. The air bearing guide guarantees straightness of 100nm and flatness of 0.5µm. High motion performance is achieved with an integrated voice-coil motor that achieves a max. velocity of 450 mm/s and acceleration of 20m/sec2, a great advantage in dynamic scanning and positioning applications. That’s small and fast! Greater flexibility for alignment and metrology operations in Z is achieved with an optional pneumatic counterbalance to allow vertical mounting without a loss of motor performance. The A-142 can be operated as a standalone nanopositioning device, but for multi-axis motion requirements, combinations and integration into XY and XYZ assemblies are also available.

Application Fields

High accuracy industrial automation processes in fields such as semiconductor test and metrology, genome sequencing, bio-tech, medical engineering, high resolution microscopy, optics and photonics manufacturing.

Related Glossary Terms

  • metrology


    Science of measurement; the principles on which precision machining, quality control and inspection are based. See precision machining, measurement.