Voestalpine Eifeler Coatings opens facility

September 25, 2019 - 12:00pm
Voestalpine Eifeler Coatings

Cleveland, TN – voestalpine eifeler Coatings today announced the opening of their newest coatings facility in Cleveland, Tennessee, thirty minutes north of Chattanooga on Interstate 75. The new facility is strategically located to provide state of the art Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coatings solutions to the manufacturing communities located in the Southeastern United States including Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Florida.

This announcement and facility opening follows closely on the heels of the company’s announcement of the opening of their coatings facility in California in June and show’s the company’s ongoing commitment to customer centric investments strategically located across the United States. According to Jim Clay, General Manager, voestalpine eifeler Coatings USA, “our new facility allows us to improve our service to existing customers and expand the reach of our value added services into new markets where PVD coatings can help improve the manufacturing process and functional part performance.”

This undertaking was made possible with support from the Greater Chattanooga Economic Partnership, the Cleveland-Bradley Chamber of Commerce and the City of Cleveland. Cleveland Mayor Kevin Brooks and Bradley County Mayor D. Gary Davis stated “we are very pleased that voestalpine chose to locate their facility in Cleveland and the Greater Chattanooga Region. The addition of a specialty coatings steel supplier to our community strengthens our region’s ability to support the significant manufacturing base we enjoy in Southeast Tennessee and the South as a whole. We look forward to the company being a fixture in our local community for years to come.”

The Cleveland facility is equipped with state of the art Physical Vapour Deposition Arc systems technology. This location will feature Duplex coatings including CROSAL PLUS, TIGRAL and VARIANTIC, ideally suited for a variety of applications ranging from metalforming to die-casting and plastic injection molding.

The launch of the new facility represents a new era for voestalpine eifeler Coatings in the United States with an expansion to the southeast to complement existing facilities in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, California, Mexico and Canada.


Related Glossary Terms

  • fixture


    Device, often made in-house, that holds a specific workpiece. See jig; modular fixturing.

  • metalforming


    Manufacturing processes in which products are given new shapes either by casting or by some form of mechanical deformation, such as forging, stamping, bending and spinning. Some processes, such as stamping, may use dies or tools with cutting edges to cut as well as form parts.

  • physical vapor deposition ( PVD)

    physical vapor deposition ( PVD)

    Tool-coating process performed at low temperature (500° C), compared to chemical vapor deposition (1,000° C). Employs electric field to generate necessary heat for depositing coating on a tool’s surface. See CVD, chemical vapor deposition.


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