Rigibore’s Zenith, Two-Cut Automated Boring Solution

Published Date
April 24, 2019 - 10:30:am

The Zenith two-cut finish solution ensures precision performance, automatically backing off the cutting edge to machine a pre-finish boring hole that it then measures and records the value in the machine control, which uses the value to compensate for the finish bore.

For more information, visit www.rigibore.com/products/zenith

Related Glossary Terms

  • backing


    1. Flexible portion of a bandsaw blade. 2. Support material behind the cutting edge of a tool. 3. Base material for coated abrasives.

  • boring


    Enlarging a hole that already has been drilled or cored. Generally, it is an operation of truing the previously drilled hole with a single-point, lathe-type tool. Boring is essentially internal turning, in that usually a single-point cutting tool forms the internal shape. Some tools are available with two cutting edges to balance cutting forces.